Select between Private Lesson(for one player) or Small Group Lesson(for two players at one time)

♦Private Lesson♦ 

private-football.comPrivate lessons allow the trainer to concentrate on the specific demands of an individual player.If you want to be more skillful and different from other players, your coach will give you individual instructions that would be difficult to learn in a team training.


Visitor 60min 90min
1 session ¥7,700 ¥11,000
4 sessions ¥29,260 ¥41,800
8 sessions ¥55,400 ¥79,200

♦Small Group Lesson♦

private-football.comIt’s good way to start with your friend if you are afraid of training individually. Although Small Group Lesson environment all players must obviously focus on the same theme making it slightly less player specific than the Private Lessons, Small Group Training is still very beneficial in comparison to regular team training sessions and also more cost effective than Private Lessons. 

Visitor 60min 90min
1 session ¥9,900 ¥14,300
4 sessions ¥37,620 ¥54,340
8 sessions ¥71,280 ¥102,960

About traveling expenses for a coach
*The travel expenses will be to and from a station where your coach takes a train to the nearest station where your session will be taken place. Find the travel expenses for a coach,contact us from here.

About session period
*4 sessions package for a 2 month period.

*8 sessions package for a 3 month period.

About cancellation
*cancellation on the day is “No refund”.