About lesson

  • Can I choose a coach?

    It depends on a day and date. Although we have two coaches who speak English, you may not be able to choose.Please contact us about the coach.

  • Does my child also learn other things apart from skill trainings?

    Yes.The coach is holding a qualification as a fitness and physical trainer. So apart from skill trainings, we can offer a program for improving habit of movement,physical trainings and agility trainings.

  • How ofter would be the best to take a session?

    There is a certain frequency of session for your child by depending on age and experience. In general,a beginner takes a session frequently and an advanced player take a session about once a week. Because at the end of the session,we give them a subject they can practice themselves.

  • Do I have to watch my child’s session from the start to the end?

    No.You can pick up your child at the end of session. Most of parents who are taking a session come first and leave until the end of the session.

  • What if I was late to the session on the day?

    Please let us know first if you are late. Because it might be “cancellation on the day” which is No refund. However,in case of train delay or unexpected accident,the refund might be made to cover the exact value of the outstanding classes purchased upon registration.

  • What should my child bring for a session?

    Please bring a football and a drink.

  • What happens if rains?

    We will inform you about whether we can carry on or not 1-2 hours before the session.

  • Can I change the date or the time on the day?

    We will handle it as a “cancellation on the day”,which is No refund. However,you may be able to change the time on the day if your coach is avaliable. Please let us know as soon as you can if you would like to change the time on the day.

  • Does my child need specialist football experience?

    No.The session will be designed to suit all participation levels to ensure that from beginner to experienced have the opportunity to learn new things in a positive, developmental and fun environment.

  • Can I request training menu?

    Yes.But we will decide by depending on characteristics of your child.Please feel free to ask a coach.


  • (Japanese) 個人指導以外の行事はありますか?

    Sorry, this entry is only available in Japanese.

  • (Japanese) 試合、練習に見に来てもらうことはできますか?

    Sorry, this entry is only available in Japanese.

  • Do you have pick up service?

    Yes if the place is close to where you want us to see your child. Please contact us if the place is more than 10min away on foot from where you would like to have a session.

About freestyle football

  • Can my child play freestyle football? Even if my child can not juggle with a ball.

    Yes he/she can! Of course there would be more skills your child can challenge if he/she could juggle with a ball. However, there are still many tricks or drills your child practice on the ground.

  • Will my child improve football skill by practicing freestyle football?

    Yes!Freestyle Football always use a football,therefore, you can expect to improve basic football skills,such as dribbling,passing and receiving a ball. Some children practice freestyle football to enhance football performance and skills.

  • Are there any freestyle football competitions?

    The biggest freestyle football competition in Japan so far is Red Bull Street Style,which is taken place only once a year,yet other competitions or events are gradually increasing in Japan.Please let us know if you would like to know more about Freestyle Football.