Yuhei Yamaguchi


My basic idea as a football coach is to ensure that players truly enjoy football. As well as teaching techniques, telling players how to enjoy sports and  not give up on things are important parts of my coaching philosophy.

In charge of a lesson
Freestyle Football 

Playing Career(football)
Narrabeen FC in Manly Warringah Premier League Division.Sydney, Australia (2007-2008)

Playing Career(freestyle football)
Redbull Street Style Japan Final top 3 (May 2008)

Awards and honors
Published “Futsal skills and demonstration BEST 65 (2009)
Appeared a TV commercial for JP BANK as a freestyle footballer (2010)

Coaching Career
Palpitare Soccer School, Technical Trainer (2012)
Arsenal Soccer School Hawaii  (2012)
BFA(British Football Academy) (2013~)

JHCA Physical conditioner
JAPAN Physical Organization Sports leader
Arsenal Soccer School certification

Alex Saito


My fundamental idea as a football coach is to ensure that players develop skills which are useful in actual matches. Also, I specialize in teaching foot skills with movement and techniques that make players stronger against pressure, by designing activities suitable for a player’s character and level.

In chage of a lesson
Football × English

Playing Career
•Tokyo Tech High School of Science and Technology Soccer Club(2006〜2009)
•Yamanashi Gakuin University Soccer Club(2009〜2013)
•VANRAURE Hachinohe FC(2013)
•ARIES FC(2014〜)

Coaching Career
•Kofu Soccer School, Technical Trainer (2009~2010)
•VANRAURE Hachinohe FC Soccer School (2012)

•JFA qualified C

Kotaro Shimizu

サッカー 個人指導


Never be afraid of “Challenge”, “Try” and  “Retry, which are parts of my motto. Not giving up and trying harder are really important matter to me and that is my fundamental idea as a football coach.



Playing Career
•Yamanashi Gakuin Junior high school and Senior High School Football Club(2006〜2009)
•2006 Participated in the National Athletic Meet(represent Yamanashi prefecture)
•2007 Selected from the U-17 Kanto team
•2008 Participated in Inter-Highschool Chanpionships

•Kokushikan University Football Club(2009〜2013)

•Waseda United player (2013〜)

Coaching Career

•Waseda Club
・Striker class(2013〜)
・Advance class(2013〜2015)
・Dribbling school(2015〜)

Arsenal Soccer School, Director of Coaching, Peter Kirov

peter_kirovMr. Yuhei Yamaguchi was member of Arsenal Soccer School Hawaii coaching staff during Arsenal SSH summer camp in 2012 where he conducted individual and team training sessions for the camp participants. I was truly delighted with his technical skills, ball control, reliability and professional approach toward coaching youth football players. He is not only a very technically skilful coach, but also well organized and kind person. His approach with kids was really wonderful and he was very much loved by them.  His ability to communicate in English also gave him the opportunity to coach not only the Japanese players, but also all English speaking participants. In addition, Yuhei was very much liked and respected by the rest of the Arsenal Soccer School Hawaii coaching staff for his good character and camaraderie. Yuhei Yamaguchi is an Arsenal Soccer School certified coach.