Freestyle Football

Freestyle Football

This Private Training for freestyle football specializes in juggling and rhythmic movement with a football to enhance ball-manipulation and creativity. Mainly, from beginner to intermediate players, will learn basic juggling and flow movements with a football. Advanced level players can learn elements of performance such as improvisation and choreography in order to perform in front of people. 

What you can develop from this program: S0055020 - バージョン 3

  • Concentration
  • Better feeling for the ball
  • Improved rhythm
  • Gymnastic movement
  • Self-expression




↓From your coach↓

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Those for who are  interested in Freestyle Football : Freestyle Football can be great training for any kind of sports.To be a better freestyler,you may want to learn rhythmic and gymnastic movements. Each freestyler has a different style. Some create skills and styles on their own. Some learn from other freestylers. So it depends on who you really want to be. That’s how Freestyle Football goes!