Trial lesson form for soccer

Please choose 60min or 90min for a trail lesson.

・1 player

60 min Trial Lesson ¥5000 + Travel expenses for a coach

90 min Trail Lesson ¥7500 + Travel expenses for a coach 

・2 players at one time

60 min Trial Lesson ¥8000 + Travel expenses for a coach

90 min Trail Lesson ¥10000 + Travel expenses for a coach 

※The above fee are for trial lessees only. Also, the trial lesson is for those who consider to continue the lessons. Temporary travelers will be charged the regular rate. 

Click here for regular lesson fees.

【Travel expenses】

The travel expenses will be to and from a station where your coach takes a train to the nearest station where your session will be taken place. Find the travel expenses for a coach,contact us from here.

【Payment method】

You can pay by cash on the day of the lesson or by bank transfer.

We will inform you the bank account detail and the fees after you contact us.

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