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Customized Lesson

We can provide detailed instruction designed to the player's skill level, age, personality, and goals. We do not have a set progam, but rather we can accommodate your individual needs, even if you are a beginner.

サッカー個人レッスン(パーソナル指導)東京・出張 初心者〜

~The flow of the lesoon~.


A coach will ask about each individual's goals and find out player's interest in and motivation for soccer.


Comprehensive analysis in terms of dribbling, ball control, passing, trapping, shooting, technique, and mentality.


A coach will clarify what is lacking and how to improve in the future, and create and implement practice menus desighed to individual goals.


A coach will review the day's practice and discuss the schedule for the next sessions

We will solve these problems and goals!

  • Leant the basic skills.
  • Be a regular member.
  • Have more confidence.
  • Improve my shooting ability.
  • Improve my dribbling speed.
  • Prepare for the selection.
  • Get more technics and skills.
  • Increse the number of juggling.
  • Improve my passing accuracy.


High-quality instruction

Private Football coaches have extensive soccer careers, are qualified, and provide fun, easy-to-understand, and professional coaching based not only on technique, but also on the most important aspect of coaching: the bond of trust between the player and the coaches.

3 essential points in teaching

Explaining not only how to play, but also how to use the body and move the ball.

Understand the importance of each and every practice session.

Communication with Players.

サッカー個人レッスン(パーソナル指導)東京・出張 初心者〜


Near your home

Lessons can be held at preferred locations (park, riverside and so on), date, and time of your choice. The coach in charge will come to the place where the lesson will be held.

About the location

The lesson location must be at least 8m x 8m (5m x 5m is possible depending on the practice). In addition, please provide a location where ball games and occupancy are permitted. This must be a place where soccer is not prohibited. (If you cannot find one, please contact us.)

サッカー 練習場所 個人指導

( Examples: parks, gymnasiums, riverbeds, parking lots, etc. )

About traveling expenses for a coach

*The travel expenses will be to and from a station where your coach takes a train to the nearest station where your session will be taken place.

Find the travel expenses for a coach,please contact us.

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Learn special skills

We will show them the dribbling skills and passing techniques used by professional players. By learning these techniques, ball control skills will be improved and motivation will be increased.

Coach Yuhei's introduction video of dribbling and passing techniques.

↓ Click here to watch the video ↓

soccer futsal pass dribble and pass skills by a personal soccer coach Yuhei

In Private Football, we will teach the players the skills that professional players used (e.g. snakes, elaxico, rabona...etc.) in order to improve their performance level and show them how fun soccer can be.