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Privacy Policy
  1. All information provided to Private Football, either on-line (booking and registration, inquiries and correspondence by e-mail) or in writing (booking, registration and customer agreement), by our clients including, but not limited to, information provided by parents/guardians of children registered at Private Football, (as well as information provided by our sponsors, suppliers, agents and all associates of Private Football.) will be treated with the strictest of confidence and in no way and under no circumstances will be made available to any third-parties.
Refund Policy
  1. Private Football, will in no way and under no circumstances give refunds, unless the circumstances are deemed to be extenuating. For example if, in the unlikely event that a child is injured during a coaching session, to the extent that the child can no longer participate in future Private Football. sessions and the injury was a direct result of negligence on the part of a Private Football. official, then a refund will be made to cover the exact value of the outstanding classes purchased upon registration.
Insuarance Policy
  1. Although injury/Accident during the class will be treated by a coach, we will take no responsibility for that. So please apply for an insurance on your own.