Private soccer leson Student of the month(December 2023)

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Here is a pattern of students who have been taking private soccer lessons on a daily basis.

Class: Soccer

Age: 8 years old

Location: Nakameguro

Number of courses: more than 3 years

Shehas been taking lessons regularly since kindergarten.

She has loved physical activity since she was a child and is very competitive.

At first, when she couldn’t do something even a little, she would get frustrated and cry, but she would practice on her own until she was able to do it.

Her self-discipline paid off, and in no time at all she was practicing at a level one or two grade levels above her!

However, she actually plays tennis as her main focus and takes soccer as part of her training.

This is because one of the challenges in sports education these days is that in some cases, if you focus on only one sport, your movements become unbalanced and you are more likely to develop sports disorders (* baseball elbow, jumper’s knee, tennis elbow, etc.).

In Europe and the U.S., sports seasons change with the seasons, and an environment in which multiple sports can be played is provided in school education. This environment is created because it allows children to develop their overall athletic abilities in an unbiased manner.

In that sense, we are very happy that she is taking soccer classes on a regular basis.
Frankly, I have no doubt that she could play soccer at a very good level, but I am also very much looking forward to seeing what you can do in tennis!

I look forward to her next lesson!

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Coach Yuhei

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