Private soccer lesson Student of the month(February 2024)

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We would like to share with you a story of a student who has been taking a private soccer lesson ( personal lesson ) on a regular basis.

Class: group soccer lesson

Age: 5 and 7 years old

Location: Futagotamagawa

サッカー 個人レッスン(パーソナル指導)東京・出張 初心者〜上級者まで private soccer lesson

This time, we have two very cute sisters who took group lessons during their temporary return to Japan.

They have been attending an American soccer school since they were little. And they are big fans of Jun Endo, a member of the Japanese national team. They also showed us a picture they took with Endo!

The level of soccer skills are also basic: moving the ball, stopping, and kicking. So we started the lesson with a lecture on how to move the body in dribbling and how to touch the ball to make the lesson fun.

Although it depends on their personalities, it is important for the younger elementary school students to practice based on having fun, which is the essence of soccer, so we implement more of a menu that includes game elements rather than technical aspects.

They had a slight difference in shooting ability due to their different ages, but they were otherwise about the same level, so we played dribbling and shooting games, juggling games, and footwork exercises, which are not usually done at soccer schools.

In a private soccer lessons, we mainly tailor the menu to the players’ personalities and levels, but in group lessons, we also include a menu that allows for practice that is suited to the two players’ levels, so the content can be a little different than in private lessons.

They both loved soccer and practiced shooting and lifting skills on their own after the lesson.

Practicing on their own is a shortcut to improvement and growth, and if they continue like this, they are going to be great in a few years.

I look forward to seeing them again next year!

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