Student of the month (October 2023)

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Here is a pattern of students who have been taking private lessons on a daily basis.

Class: Soccer

Age: 12 years old

Location: Hiroo

Number of courses: more than 3 years

個人指導 サッカーレッスン プライベートフットボール


I remember a student from my previous school, BFA (British Football Academy), who loved soccer from a young age and used to tell me about soccer players and club teams in detail.

In the beginning, we tried to make soccer as fun as possible, so we mainly focused on playing ball control games, practicing shooting to score points, and kicking the ball hard.

As he has improved his understanding as he gets older, we have worked on ball touch, passing and receiving accuracy, and shooting.

He grew very fast in his technique, not only in lessons but also in independent training.

However, if soccer training is all you do, your body will become more and more stiff and prone to injury.

Sometimes we spend more time stretching, sometimes we talk about body care, and sometimes we give them the knowledge they need to be athletes.

He remains injury free and enjoys playing soccer every day.

For a child who loves sports, a life of both literacy and sports is a big obstacle, but a balance of doing what you don’t like and what you do like is a key to becoming a true athlete!

Let’s keep up the good work!

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Coach Yuhei