Student of the month (July 2023)

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Here is a pattern of students who have been taking private lessons on a daily basis.

Class: Soccer

Age: 9 and 11 years old

Location: Shibuya

Number of courses: 8


This time, we gave lessons to siblings at the same time!

They are taking this course during their stay in Japan during the summer vacation period.

The older brother, who had recently started to like soccer, first learned basic body coordination rather than soccer skills, and then practiced mainly the basics of dribbling and passing.

The younger brother, who had always had a strong body, was very strong physically and was as strong as his older brother.

Since they were not that far apart in age, we were able to do almost the same practice menu together. Both of them hated to lose and were very competitive!

This summer was extremely hot as usual, but the two of them seemed to enjoy the lesson with friendly competition without getting heat stroke from the beginning to the end of the lesson (^^).

We look forward to seeing you again!