4 tips how to kick a soccer volley

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Soccer volley shot in soccer may sound difficult, but with practice, anyone can do it. A volley means “kicking a floating ball,” so there is not only one way to kick it. but you can use inside and outside of your foot , or kick with your shoelace.

In this article, we will explain how to kick a soccer volley. Using the instep(shoelace area), which is the most common type of volley shooting, and the key points of this technique.

4 important points for volley shooting

①Position of foot to kick the ball

It’s important to know the height of the ball that you are good at.

Basically, the higher the height of the ball, the more difficult it becomes.

Firstly, you should be able to volley the ball at a height where your kicking foot is parallel to the ground.

②Distance between yourself and the ball

In the case of the volley on the laces, the knees are fully extended at the moment the ball is kicked.

If you are too close to yourself when kicking the ball, you may bend your knees or the ball may hit your shin. So it is important to know how close you are to the ball when your knees are extended.

③Direction of foot swing

A common mistake in volley shooting is often that the ball goes up.

As shown in the picture below, if the swing of the foot is from bottom to top, the ball will fly upward.
サッカーボレー シュートの蹴り方とポイントを解説。個人指導サッカーレッスン専門のプライベートフットボール。 soccer volley

As shown in the photo below, the ball will fly strongly forward.  If the direction of the swing of the foot is straight or from top to bottom.
サッカーボレー シュートの蹴り方とポイントを解説。個人指導サッカーレッスン専門のプライベートフットボール。

First, as you practice so that the ball does not fly upward, the swing of your feet will naturally be from top to bottom.


It is not necessary to get a run-up as if you were running from a distance.  But the step before kicking is very important.

The body (legs and arms) is stretched by stepping into the following picture.

サッカーボレー シュートの蹴り方とポイントを解説。個人指導サッカーレッスン専門のプライベートフットボール。

As shown in the following picture, the body returns in the opposite direction at the moment it hits the ball.
サッカーボレー シュートの蹴り方とポイントを解説。個人指導サッカーレッスン専門のプライベートフットボール。

This movement is called the stretch reflex. The ideal form of a soccer volley .  I will not explain this property in this article, but it is enough to keep in mind that muscles have a tendency to contract when stretched. 

All sports use this movement to create instantaneous power.

How to practice a soccer volley shot  alone

First, bounce the ball in front of yourself.

Aim and time the ball to hit the ball as it falls around waist level.

Practice with the 4 tips noted above in mind.

Practice swinging your feet from top to bottom without a ball, especially if the ball flies all the way up.

When you can shoot a volley shot, you can shoot the ball as soon as it is floating.

It can take a long time to control a floating ball and then try to bring it into a shot. However, in front of the goal, there are situations where you need to shoot as quickly as possible when the ball is in the air, so a volley shot can be very useful to score.

Lastly, here’s a brilliant volley shot by former Japanese national team player Tadanari Lee when he scored the final goal of the Asian Games.

ボレーシュートの瞬間 蹴り方 解説 プライベートフットボール

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