How to kick a no-spin (knuckle) shot?

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With the evolution of the ball, it can be said that a shot with no spin is a very difficult shot for the keeper to catch and read.

The no-spin shot (knuckle shot) became popular when Keisuke Honda, former captain of Japan’s national team, kicked a free kick against Denmark in the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

From the camera behind the goal, you can see that the ball is moving strangely.

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本田 フリーキック 無回転 蹴り方 解説 ポイント

In this article, we will explain the principle of the non-spinning shot and how to kick it.

l First, the direction of ball rotation and changes in trajectory

A normal shot with shoe-laces often has a reverse vertical (backspin) or horizontal (side spin) rotation on the ball, causing the ball to fly in a liner-like trajectory that extends straight or bends sideways. This is due to the fact that the ball is exposed to the wind in a certain direction.

However, when the ball is shot without rotation, the direction in which it receives the wind becomes unstable, and the ball suddenly drops or sways.

how to kick and shoot a no-spin shot (knucking)how to kick and shoot a no-spin shot (knucking)


l How do I kick without spin?

To avoid spin, the ball must be kicked in such a way that it pushes straight out from the center of the ball.

The impact surface when the foot hits the ball and the direction in which the foot swings through the air should be exactly at about 90 degrees, and the kick should be pushed out without changing that angle.

Once the above kicking technique is achieved, the speed of the swing of the foot becomes important.

Free kicks require the ball to be kicked high over the wall, which is difficult if you do not have the strength to push the ball out and the speed to swing your foot.

無回転シュートの蹴り方 ボールの回転 ボールを当てる位置と角度

l 4 points of a no-spin (knuckle) shot

1. Kick the center of the ball.

If the ball is hit even slightly off-center, it will spin sideways or diagonally and will not lead to a non-spinning shot.

If you try to kick in the middle with a shoe-lace, you will hit the ground, so it is a good idea to kick as if you are pushing off with your foot slightly laid or tilted to the side.

2. Straight aids are better.

If the aids are from an angle, the ball is more likely to rotate sideways. If you look at Keisuke Honda and Cristiano Ronaldo, you will see that they stand on an extension line between the ball and the goal when they take a no-spining shot during a free kick. Practice with a straight running start as much as possible!

3. Swing your legs faster.

To kick a no-spinning shot high over the wall, the ball must have a certain amount of speed to go up.

The free kick shown by Honda against Denmark, mentioned at the beginning of this article, is said to have a speed of approximately 110 km/h. Depending on the angle of the foot, the ball is harder to lift than a backspin rotation shot, so a certain swing speed of the foot is required for success.

4. Kick the ball close to the ankle.

The closer you kick to your ankle, the less likely the ball is to spin. When your foot swing has improved to a certain degree, try placing the ball closer to your ankle.


How about the explanation of how to kick the non-spinning shot and the key points of the no-spin(knuckle) shot?

The spineless shot is one of the most difficult types of shooting. Unlike ordinary shooting, this phenomenon occurs when the angle of the foot, the speed, and the point of impact all combine, and the shooting form is unnatural, requiring a lot of practice.

However, if you master this type of shooting, you will be able to kick free kicks like a pro and be different from other players, so why not try it?

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