Private soccer lesson for visitor 05/2024

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This article is about a private soccer lesson for visitors traveling to Japan from Canada

Class: Private Soccer Lesson

Age: 14 years old

Venue: Shibuya

サッカー個人レッスン private soccer lesson(パーソナル指導)東京・出張 初心者〜上級者

An enthusiastic soccer player from Canada

This article is about private soccer lessons for tourists visiting Japan from Toronto, Canada.

The team she is a member of is in the top league in the region, and they practice about 4-5 times a week. As a result, she came to take private lessons because she wanted to maintain her basic skills and physical strength.

She has also been selected as a tryout player for the Ontario Soccer after returning to Japan, so she would like to practice in preparation for that.

Ontario soccer

Improve accuracy of long kicks (long passes)

She requested to improve the accuracy and strength of her long balls (long kicks), so we divided the lessons into two days.

She started playing soccer at a young age, so her overall basic technique level was high.

However, because she was tall, there were some areas where she didn’t have a good balance between her agility and ball control, so we corrected that and taught her how to control the ball while moving quickly.

For long kicks, we repeatedly practiced focusing on the position of her feet and how to move her body.

After that, we practiced dribbling and changing the distance and direction to see if she could kick the ball where she aimed.

It seemed like she hadn’t practiced with her left foot for a while, so it took her a while to get the feeling for it, but she was able to kick with confidence with her right foot, which is her dominant foot.

I hope she will use what she learned this time to do her best at the tryouts when she returns to Japan!

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Yuhei Yamaguchi

Private Football offers short term lessons for visitors from all over the world.
Please contact us if you are worried about losing your stamina and skills by taking a long break from soccer.

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