Private soccer lesson Student of the month(March 2024)

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We would like to share with you a story of a student who has been taking private soccer lessons ( personal lesson ) on a regular basis.

Class: private soccer lesson

Age : 17 years old

Place:Yoyogi Tokyo

サッカー 個人レッスン(パーソナル指導)東京・出張 初心者〜上級者まで

She has been taking private soccer lessons regularly for the past three years.

As a member of an ASIJ soccer club, I was not able to coach her during the season. But she was able to practice what she learned on her own, so her individual skills improved rapidly.

Especially, we focused on the touch of the ball ( ball control skills ) and speed when dribbling.

In dribbling, she learned how to use her ankles and hip joints through repeated practice of basic and advanced ball touch movements.

In addition, she has been practicing how to move her bodies, imagining various situations such as how to move faster and how to avoid being taken off the ball by the defender.

We practice dribbling speed to eliminate the difference in speed when the ball is in play and when it is out of play.

A lot of students who take a private soccer lesson tend to be fast on their feet but tend to be slow when dribbling.

In such cases, we measure the difference and set a goal.

She has been able to eliminate the difference and her dribbling speed has improved so much. I sometimes can’t keep up with her speed ….

サッカー 個人レッスン(パーソナル指導)東京・出張 初心者〜上級者まで
Every once in a while, she challenges some trick for a change. She has been challenging ATW ( around the world)

She will be moving to Canada next year, but until then, we will support her as much as we canl!

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