When best age to learn soccer techniques?

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Although it is difficult to say exactly what age to learn soccer techniques, it depends on each individual’s motivation and effort. But in this article we will explain the best age to learn soccer techniques in general.

「Nervous system」「sense organs」「brain」 necessary for body movement

The movements of the body are not only caused by muscles.  But it’s  also closely related to the functioning of the nervous system.

This is a bit of a technical explanation, but it is strongly related to the function of the sense organs to accurately obtain information from one’s own body and surroundings. And the function of the brain to make decisions based on that information.

Is there a best age to learn soccer techniques? ?

It is said to occur 2 to 3 years before puberty. Adolescence generally begins between the ages of 10 and 15. (Women start learning earlier than men.) The time to learn techniques is the same for all sports, not just soccer.

Take a look at Scammon’s growth curve below.
(Scammon growth curves showing different parts and tissues of the body. All curves are of size attained plotted as a percentage of total gain from birth to 20 years. Size at 20 years is 100% on the vertical scale.)

Understand this chart to learn soccer

reference source: https://joeeisenmann.substack.com/p/lessons-in-growth-and-maturation

The “nervous system'” is very important in learning techniques and how to move the body.

If you look at the curve of this “nervous system”,  you can see that it develops rapidly from birth until the age of eight. In other words, this period is also a time when it is easy to remember various movements.


Is playing important to improve athletic ability? 

I would like you to think back on your childhood when you were in elementary school.
Did you have any bad or good memories from sports tests or physical education classes? I think that children who are able to do any kind of exercise should not have any bad memories.

These children love playing outside from a young age, and many of them tend to play games like running, climbing trees, playing with balls, and playing tag on a daily basis.

In fact, this type of play is great for developing the nervous system and sensory organs. Most of gymnastics classes and soccer classes for infants and elementary school students with the aim of making the children enjoy the lessons as much as possible.

When children think it’s fun, they are willing to do any movement. This is an essential element to bring out athletic ability, and it is also an important part of our Private Football coaching.

Soccer techniques(skills) are the same, and we create practice menus based on the child’s motivation and attitude towards practicing so they can enjoy learing these things.

If you miss the age when learning techniques, will you not be able to learn them at all ? 

Although this may be a bit contradictory to what I said above, I said that the best age to learn soccer techniques is before puberty, but that is actually not the case.

It’s just that it’s a time when it’s easy to remember the movements, and even after that age you can still master the techniques.

On the other hand, after adolescence, children have a wealth of experience and knowledge when it comes to learning new things, so they are able to gain deep understanding and put it into practice effectively.

Interest and motivation are more important than age!

What matters is interest, motivation, and continued effort.

You can learn new things at any age, but having the desire and passion to learn is the key to success.
Additionally, flexibility and memory change with age, so the teaching method must be taken into account. But techniques can still be learned.

The bottom line is that mastering techniques and movements is less about age and more about individual motivation, effort, and continuous learning habits.

The same can be said about any sport, not just soccer. ”
When children are interested in something , they take action on their own.

And their ability to absorb things they are interested in improves faster than we can imagine.

Aren’t there many parents who think that their children won’t get interested in soccer or that they won’t improve?
First of all, why not think about practice and teaching methods that your kids find enjoyable?

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