Student of the month(January 2024) soccer personal training

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「January Pickup」
Here is a pattern of a student who has been taking private lesson of Private Football on a regular basis.

Class: Personal Training
Age: 21 years old

This time, we had a personal training session at Shibuya TIP.X gym to develop the instantaneous power and balance necessary for soccer(football).

First, I interviewed him to find out what kind of training and conditioning he is doing at the soccer club, and after understanding this current physical level and balance, I made a plan for him.

Core strength is an important element for quick movements and contact play in soccer, and we worked mainly on stability and muscle strength from the ankle joints to the trunk of the body(core).

It was the first time for him to think of his own body in earnest outside of field practice, so he started with a combination of basic physical training and compound movements.

Since he was not accustomed to moving quickly sideways with a stable torso and jumping instantly, we focused mainly on training using TRX and jumping movements with a weighted ball in order to develop upper and lower body coordination.

The pictures below are part of the training menu, but these are the main exercises.
2~3 sets of 8~15repetitions each

サッカーのためのトレーニング 体幹強化 上半身 TRX サッカーのためのトレーニング 体幹強化 瞬発力 複合運動 サッカーのためのトレーニング 体幹強化 瞬発力 複合運動 ランジツイストジャンプ

We will continue to focus on the instantaneous force and balance necessary for training for soccer as we work towards the season.

Private Football
Yuhei Yamaguchi

Private Football offers one-on-one private soccer lessons for elementary through high school students (5-18 years old). Our professional coaches provide individualized lessons in Tokyo and other parts of the Kanto area.