Student of the month (September 2023)

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Here is a pattern of students who have been taking private lessons on a daily basis.

Class: Soccer

Age: 10 years old

Location: Nakano

Number of courses: about for 1 year

個人指導 サッカーレッスン プライベートフットボール

He took private lessons with the goal of improving his overall soccer skills.

He thought he had practiced basic ball control, but when it came time to practice dribbling, trapping, and shooting, he was not as good as he thought he was, and was a little frustrated at first.

First, we also focused on instantaneous power and agility, and repeatedly practiced drills using markers to increase dribbling speed.

We also taught them the fun of “showing ” soccer by having them experience the techniques that professionals use to practice dribbling as defenders and sometimes challenging them on the offensive side of the field.

Since soccer schools and soccer teams cannot specialize in individual practice, it seemed very refreshing for him to try out these techniques, and he enjoyed it very much.

He worked very hard at the practice, even in the heat, without losing his concentration, although the joy of gradually becoming able to do something he could not do may not be apparent unless you take some time to do it.

He will be moving overseas in the near future, so I am very sorry that I will not be able to see his further development, but I would be happy if he could remember some of the things he learned from Coach Yuhei.

Enjoy playing soccer overseas!

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