Student of the month (August 2023)

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Here is a pattern of students who have been taking private lessons on a daily basis.

Class: Personal training

Age: 17 years old

Location: Azabu

Number of courses: about 2 years


He regularly takes personal training sessions, focusing on the core and turning movements necessary for soccer.

It has already been about two years since he started training.
At first, the main focus was on soccer lessons, thoroughly and repeatedly practicing the basics and applications of ball control, agility, and shooting, and implementing not being biased toward the same movements.

After that, we moved on to physical training along with physical development, and so far there have been no major injuries and the speed and muscle strength have steadily improved.

At this age, the emotional ups and downs tend to be greater, but he was always positive and worked hard in his training.

I am very sad that he will be moving to his home country soon, but I am looking forward to his future!

First of all, I would be happy if he could continue playing soccer without getting injured.

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