How to increase dribbling speed

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Dribbling, a fundamental part of soccer, is a must practice in every soccer team and school.
Recently, the term “dribbler” has been used to describe a number of players who excel in dribbling speed and technique.
I am sure that Mitoma and Ito come to mind as players you may know from the Japanese national team.

Now, to the main question of how to increase dribbling speed,

In conclusion, agility is the most important factor.
When the agility level is high, dribbling speed will increase when ball control moves are incorporated!

Briefly, agility is: the ability to move quickly in any direction

Coordination, which controls the use of the body, is also important for agility, but the first step is to move the feet quickly.

Ladder training is often mentioned as a common agility training method, but there is often a tendency to get too caught up in the movements and forget the original purpose of moving the feet quickly.

First, using a ladder or marker, master simple movements and practice moving at maximum speed.

ドリブルのスピードを上げる方法 サッカー個人指導
『Ladder Training Image』

After that, it is a good idea to practice movements that add body twists and slightly more complex movements, such as zigzagging forward.

The recommended set-up is to do 5 sets of each basic movement (dash vertically, dash horizontally) and then add different movements as you get used to them.

ドリブルのスピードを上げる方法 サッカー個人指導

If you continue this at a pace of 2-3 times a week for a while, you will definitely see an improvement in agility.
*To measure the improvement in speed, recording the time will also motivate the child.

If you can think of any points, such as the movement being somewhat slow, with or without the ball, you may be lacking in agility.
Or, if your child has high agility but suddenly slows down when the ball is in play, there are many examples.

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